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Fun for Families

Get Ready for Reading!

 Here are a few ideas:

  • Go to the public library - many libraries have free reading programs
  • Read everyday - practice makes perfect! Try some of these ideas:
    • Read the newspaper - try reading the comics, weather, or picture captions
    • Read TV Guides, magazines, online resources, recipes, maps, sports cards, or closed captions on the TV
    • Read together - take turns reading with someone so you can hear and practice fluent reading
    • Practice reading and writing numbers
    • Count forward and backward - start and different numbers
    • Try skip counting by different numbers - this helps with multiplication
    • Keep reading materials in the car
    • Listen to a book on tape
    • Keep a reading log and calculate the minutes you read each week
    • Practice writing! You can:
      • Write a letter to someone
      • Send a postcard - even if you don't go anywhere
      • Keep a journal. Here are a few ideas:
        • Why do kids have to go to school?
        • At recess, I like to_____.
        • Write about the best day ever. what would you do?
        • If I could be an animal, I wold be______.
        • Do you like movies or music better? Why?
        •  Would you rather have a pet dog or cat? Why?
        • Write directions for you favorite game.
        • Write directions to your favorite place.
        • Crate an invention out of recycled materials then draw and write about it