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Fun for Families

Get Ready for Summer!

The "summer slide" is what happens when skills students learn during the school year are not used over the summer.  when students do not practice their reading and math skills over the summer they can fall behind! You can help prevent the summer slide! Here are a few ideas:

  • Go to the public library - many libraries have free summer reading programs
  • Participate in the New Mexico Summer Reading Challenge - go to Challenge/
  • Read everyday - practice makes perfect! Try some of these ideas:
    • Read the newspaper - try reading the comics, weather, or picture captions
    • Read TV Guides, magazines, online resources, recipes, maps, sports cards, or closed captions on the TV
    • Read together - take turns reading with someone so you can hear and practice fluent reading
    • Practice reading and writing numbers
    • Count forward and backward - start and different numbers
    • Try skip counting by different numbers - this helps with multiplication
    • Keep reading materials in the car
    • Listen to a book on tape
    • Keep a reading log and calculate the minutes you read each week
    • Practice writing! You can:
      • Write a letter to someone
      • Send a postcard - even if you don't go anywhere
      • Keep a summer journal. Here are a few ideas:
        • Why do kids have to go to school?
        • At recess, I like to_____.
        • Write about the best day ever. what would you do?
        • If I could be an animal, I wold be______.
        • Do you like movies or music better? Why?
        •  Would you rather have a pet dog or cat? Why?
        • Write directions for you favorite game.
        • Write directions to your favorite place.
        • Crate an invention out of recycled materials then draw and write about it